Affiliates / White Labeling

We’ve received many questions regarding various CBD programs being offered on the net and for good reason. Simply put, the majority of the CBD on the market is being sold and distributed that way. In fact, if you Google and skim through most of the top ranked sites, you will see these programs being offered by nearly everyone. There is indeed a lot of competition but there’s also plenty of profit to be made. So, what are the differences and which may be right for you.

Affiliate Programs

For those who don’t know what an affiliate is, there are basically banner ads and codes you ad to your web site. When a user clicks on an affiliate link it gets tracked and cookie’d. If a sale is made from that request, you get a commission. It’s a tried and true way to make money on the net with minimal effort.

Wholesale Partners / Drop Shipping

These programs are the net level up form an affiliate. What is great is that you get to control how much money you make from a sale. What’s more, there little to no over required. No need for inventory or having to deal with shipping. You can spend more of your time and money on marketing. Then sit back and reap the rewards from the sales.

White Labeling

So, you want to Brand your own CBD .. Maybe just to sell online or get you product on the shelf? - Then White Labeling is for you!

White Labeling is not a new concept. For those unfamiliar with the term, White Labeling is the rebranding of a product or service produced by one company to appear as if it’s unique for another. More likely than not, you purchase white label products every day and don’t even know it. Admittedly, as America consumers we have are favorites and we even you pay more (or less) our “our brand” think it’s better than another but nope, they’re the same thing.

As mentioned, the CBD market right now is saturated with white labeled brands and at multiple levels. Meaning one particular grower or co-op is marketed under many different names. The trick is to get the best rates, closest to the top of the pyramid, of a particular grower or co-op.

White Labelling will cost you more to get started but in the end you will have a branded product to market to your hearts content.