Who Are We

Backed by Digital Lobotomy’s 20 years of Web Development and eCommerce expertise, CBDCommerce.us is here to fill the needs of the entrepreneurs joining the rapidly growing CBD market. Our goal is to help guide new businesses through the maze of software solutions and the red tape associated with merchant services.

Blog Posts

Help Regulate Florida

Your help is urgently needed to change the laws in Florida. Our next step towards legalizing cannabis for adults in Florida is to qualify for Supreme Court review.


Affiliates / White Labeling

We’ve received many questions regarding various CBD programs being offered on the net and for good reason, most CBD is sold and distributed that way.


Square Beta CBD Program

Yep, You Read Correctly! Square one of the top players in online payments has begun an CBD Beta program and you may be eligible.


Static Sites For eCommerce

The growing trend in the web industry is undoubtedly JAMStack and HeadlessCMS systems. Come on in, let me tell you more.


Which CMS is Best For You

There are literally dozens of CMS eCommerce solutions out there. For this article I’m only going to hit on the pros and cons of the most popular.


CBD Merchant Services

If you’re new to eCommerce there’s a good chance you haven’t had to to set up a merchant account or payment gateway before.