Which CMS is Best For You


As of 2018 WordPress was the most widely used CMS system on the internet at roughly 30% of all website using it. What makes Wordpress special is not just how many people use it but how many developers are making awesome themes and plug-ins you can add to it. That’s also it’s achilles heel as well. That’a what make it vulnerable to hacking and security issues. Thankful the team at Wordpress does a pretty good job at fixing the hole when someone sneaks in.

As for the eCommerce side of Wordpress for that you need to add in a cart system, the most popular being WooCommerce. It’s honestly one of my favorite carts, easy to configure and gets the job done.


Developed by eBay, Magento was sold to Adobe and had been coined “The Ferrari of Shopping Carts”.

Unlike Wordpress which was developed as a blogging platform, Magento was designed from the ground up to be an eCommerce system. As with Wordpress there are 3rd party developers how create module and plug-ins as well. Here’s a list of what I feel are Magento strongest attributes.

  • Run Multiple Sites From 1 Catalog
  • Multilingual Capabilities
  • Up selling & Related Products
  • SEO Friendly


What can I say about Shopify? You either like it or you hate it. All in all it’s not a bad system they have and I give it to them for their developer tools.

Unfortunately at this time they will not process orders for CBD products. What’s more PayPal and Stripe don’t allow CBD payments either. So, until that’s resolved I’d stay away from Shopify, spend your money else where.


Last but not least we have Weebly!

Owned by Square who now has a CBD Beta program starting up, which is fantastic.

As for the system. It’s simple and clean very much like Shopify’s. It’s geared for eCommerce, FREE to start playing with and only $5 a month if you want to add a domain. Of course prices go up for more pro features but hey, if you approved to sell CBD products with, that’s a win in my book. : )

Final Thoughts

As mentioned, there are literally dozens of CMS eCommerce solutions out there, all have their own strengths and weaknesses.

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