Square Beta CBD Program

Yep, You Read Correctly!

Square has start a CBD Beta program!

It’s super great news to finally see some movement from one of the bigger players in online payments.

The program began in June via invite only so I don’t have the sign up link as of yet but if you call them directly you may be eligible to enroll.

What CMS Platforms Will This Work With?

For staters there’s Weebly (cause it’s owned by Square) which is nice so you shouldn’t need to pay any extra fees for a plug-in.

Wordpress with WooCommerce is another option and the plug-in to use Square is now available for Free. So, if you already have a Wordpress site should be super easy to configure once your approved with Square of course.

Now for those of you running (or wishing to run) a Magento site you’re in luck as well ad there are a few Square plug-in options floating around.

Rumor has it that Square won’t let Shopify have rights to it as they are direct competitors in the CMS eCommerce biz. That said there is are syncing apps available for Square and Shopify to communicate, so only time will tell if someone develops working code and Square allows it.

Let Us Help You!

Do you have a site you’d like to build ot move to take advantage of the Square CBD program? Just let us know, we’re hear to help. ; )