Static Sites For eCommerce

The growing trend in the web industry is undoubtedly Static Sites w/ JAMStack and HeadlessCMS systems.

What is JAMStack?

Defined as:

A modern architecture —

Create fast and secure sites and dynamic apps with JavaScript, APIs, and pre-rendered Markup, served without web servers.

JAMStack is all the rage among web developers and there are some extremely wonderful tools that can get site up and running in no time. What’s more, you don’t even have to configure a server to host it.

Here’s An Example

No literally, this site you are now visiting was developed with a JAMStack, to be more precise StackBit but the concept is the same.

It was simple to configure, add content and then deploy, viola CBDCommerce was launched.

But Where’s The eCommerce?

As of this moment I haven’t anything to sell but check back soon and I promise to have a Hat and T-Shirt up as an example of how to order on a JAMStacked web site. : )